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PSA Application - Melanie Jones by MikeyMG PSA Application - Melanie Jones by MikeyMG
As you can imagine, the image isn't done by me. So... THANKS A LOT :iconiconfile2: FOR THE AWESOME DRAWING <3


Name: Melanie Jones

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birth date: 24th September

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Residence: Academy Dorms

Height: 1,70 Meters

Weight: 58 Kilograms

Key Family/ Relatives: Priscilla Jones (Mother); Andrew Jones (Father); Emily Jones (Sister)

Key Friends: Vivian Matthews: Melanie's best friend. They met in high-school, after she moved to LA. They quickly became attached to each other, talking about music, what they hated in their lives, boys... that kind of conversations. They plan on working together as detectives, perhaps opening their own agency.

  • Melanie can play the piano very well and also sing, although she's not as good with that. She also knows a lot of music and artists.
  • She's a bit good with investigation, although most of the times she ignores some details, which can be important.
  • Half-decent with Pokémon battling, Melanie prefers Double Battles, using a Trick Room strategy.

Phobias/ Fears:
  • Melanie cannot imagine a world without music, it would be an absolute nightmare to her.

Bad Habits/ Vices:
  • Melanie can sometimes be too noisy, specially when talking about music or about something funny.
  • Easily distracted and a bit too clumsy.

Good habits/ Quirks:
  • Very cheerful, outgoing and friendly. She loves to make people laugh and have a good time.

  • Time of the year: Summer
  • Clothing: Dresses
  • Music: Everything
  • Colors: White, Red
  • Pokémon Types: Electric
  • Legendary: Meloetta
  • Ability: Healer
  • Offensive Move: Hyper Voice
  • Utility Move: Trick Room

Melanie was born within a wealthy family, mainly because her mother, Priscilla, was, and is, a well known singer. Her father, Andrew, worked as one of Priscilla's securities, at least until they started dating and she asked him to quit the job and just be with her.

Melanie's childhood was happy and quite normal. She grew up listening to many different kinds of music, including her mother's, who wasn't so present on the child's life as her father was, due to the fact that she took a lot of her time recording tracks and participating in some shows. At the age of 10, Melanie started to learn to play the piano.

Priscilla started a worldwide tour when her daughter was almost 13 years old, and thanks to that Melanie traveled and discovered a lot of the world. However, she obviously wasn't going to be able to attend classes, so her father gave her lessons instead. When the tour finished, she went back to school and her normal life. After the tour, Priscilla decided to take a break, to keep the promise she made to her daughter: give her singing lessons, with the help of a private teacher, after the girl's classes and weekends.

Around the age of 15, Melanie and her family moved to Los Angeles. She had to let go of her friends, which made her a bit sad, but it was almost time to go to high-school. There she made a lot of new friends, including Vivian, one of the most popular girls in school. Vivian loved her outgoing personality and easily got along with her, talking about everything, trusting each other on every subject. Vivian had the dream of being a detective, and she started thinking about it too, and actually enjoyed the idea.

The years went by. Melanie started to go to concerts with Vivian and their group of friends and having sleepovers. Her parents were reluctant at first, but they eventually started to trust her friends, and sometimes even invited them to their house.

At the end of their high-school years, it was hard to let it go, but she still kept contact with her group, specially with Vivian, who some weeks later told her she was going to PSA. She planned on joining her friend later, but hearing about the Opening Ceremony incident, she decided to go to convice her friend to leave. However, after talking to her, she decided to stay and join the Academy too.  

Pokémon Team:  
  • Donatella, Aromatisse () - The team's main support, Donatella helps everyone on the team, be it with utility or tanking some hits, since she's also bulky. A very friendly and calm Pokémon, she specially enjoys Spectrum, and is often her leading partner in battle.
    Notable Moves: Trick Room, Aromatherapy, Heal Pulse, Aromatic Mist, Wish, Toxic, Moonblast, Psyshock, Gyro Ball.

  • Spectrum, Gourgeist-Super () - Another tanky Pokémon, often Donatella's partner in battle, Spectrum provides utility, while also being bulky and dealing a decent ammount of damage. She's also very friendly and enjoys hearing Melanie singing.
    Notable Moves: Trick Room, Will-O-Wisp, Phantom Force, Seed Bomb, Destiny Bond, Gyro Ball, Rock Slide, Shadow Sneak.

  • Heaven, Reuniclus () - A bit lazy sometimes, Heaven often stays in place dealing tons of damage with powerful moves. However, he sometimes activates Trick Room and starts floating around playing with everyone else.
    Notable Moves: Trick Room, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Psyshock, Energy Ball, Thunder, Signal Beam, Flash Cannon.

  • Starlight, Ampharos () - Starlight is very protective, and doesn't like seeing strangers around Melanie. However, he can be very friendly to everyone he finds trustworthy. In battle, he uses strong special moves to wreck through the enemy.
    Notable Moves: Dragon Pulse, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Focus Blast, Signal Beam.

  • Hollaback, Azumarill () - Hollaback loves being silly, hugging and tackling random people sometimes. She doesn't do it with bad intentions though, she's just like that. In battle, she uses powerful physical moves, breaking through the enemy's defenses.
    Notable Moves: Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Play Rough, Superpower, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Double-Edge, Belly Drum.

  • Mary Jane Holland, Flareon () - Very playful, Mary Jane Holland is often seen running around, with Melanie or Starlight after her. She sometimes tries to act like a hero, and often has to rely on Donatella to help her. In battle, she uses hard hitting physical attacks.
    Notable Moves: Facade, Flare Blitz, Superpower, Iron Tail, Double-Edge, Quick Attack.
DescaKlang Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, wanna duel tomorrow or possibly Wednesday? I'll be off for a couple days for a convention
Finaldistance23 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
She is cute and if she were in the series, I'd watch it more. She seems lovable. And determined. :)
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